Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 9 #21

This is one thing I am familiar with podcasts.  I took a class last summer that taught us how to create podcast.  My students enjoy these activities because they love hearing their own voices.  I explored ""  this was a neat website and they had reviews and interview on people.  I found some useful information on, I could so my students some examples from this site and allow them to create their own podcast after they saw an example.  I usually have them create on by doing step by step instructions.   

Week 9 #22

I was not very successful on this website.  I would type in a book title, and the book was not listed.  I tried searching by author and was still not successful.  I just looked at one of the books that were listed.  I would use this resource in my classroom once I can navigate the site better.  I like the idea of using this site for special education students.  During SSR I could use this resource with my special education students so they can listen to a story maybe a few days out of the week.  

Week 9 #23

This was a fun class and I learned a lot.  I enjoyed how this class was self-paced so you could work at your own time.  I would log on at night so I could spend the day with my family.  Some classes don't allow you to do this since you are in the classroom 8-5.  Some of the activities though I wish I had someone to help me out with though.  If you read the directions you will figure it out though.  I was trying to post my avatar the first week and wasn't successful at first because I was pasted the address in the wrong area.  If I had an instructor I could of asked for help. Since I didn't I had to reread the instructions to post the avatar I was finally successful.    Thanks for everything I enjoyed the class.  

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Week 9 #20

The video websites that I explored were Yahoo video, google and jumpcut.  My favorite site is yahoo video.  I think I like this site because I am familiar with this site and use it often.  Some of the videos that I choose were current events that were listed on yahoo's website.  Some of the videos were the changes that airlines were making.   I choose this video because gas prices are effecting everything we do.  I think some of the video's would be beneficial to the library website. One collection of video's that might help the library could be clips on the elections.   

Week 8 #19.1

Three things I learned:

I learned how to make and use shared folders

How to add EBSCO host to my search box

How to add links from a specific source to Link Source

week 8 #19

This website was neat and again I have another account.  I added my five books to my library and most of my book were not popular like I thought.  The most hits I got was 1050 and that was Super Fudge.  I did all of the books my students enjoy as read alouds.  I thought it was neat to see other peoples reviews of the book and I agreed with their book reviews.  I found a lot of book reviews on some of my favorite books.  I will use this website to help me review books I might want to read aloud to my students.  I also have a 8 year old daughter who loves books and I am always looking for a good series for her to read.  I myself like James Patterson Books to read in my personal time.  During the school year however I seem to read only children books.    

Week 8 #18

Wow, I have registered for so many new things during this class that I hope I remember all of them.  I have used all of the same user names and passwords so I hope I can find everything.  I thought Zoho writer was really neat and a program I will use a lot.  I like how you can work on and off line and also how you allow people to view what you are writing or leave it private.  And I like the tools they have like spell check and all of the other tools you would need to create a document.  I was wondering if you could work on this document with other people looking at the document and making additions to your paper? If you can this would be helpful for a group project.